Timings and prices

Badminton Zadar provides various options to engage our coaching services to allow you to pick the best options suitable for you. If you are an individual or group of people, if you already have a court or not, young, adolescent or adults, there is an option for everyone. Choose the group and timing that suits you best and let the fun begin by “Adding badminton to your life”

Coaching/training and court:

In case you do not play anywhere else or want to add more hours to your badminton, then you can join Badminton Zadar. Currently Badminton Zadar has below sessions planned per week. It includes training, play and fun.

Note: Every session is divided in two parts. One part is training that includes racket skills, footwork, coordination, agility, aerobics, flexibility and fun exercises. Second part is where members play games and try to apply what they learned during trainings.

Price per person per month is :

  • 1 time per week   – 160 kn
  • 2 times per week – 250 kn
  • 3 times per week – 330 kn

Place and timing:

Coaching/training only:

In case you are already playing somewhere and need our coaching services to improve your game further. This is the best option for you. Below are the prices per person for group trainings

  • 2 times per week – 150 kn
  • 3 times per week – 200 kn
  • 5 times per week – 300 kn

Individual trainings

1 hour session – 100kn

Based on the number of sessions planned, discount can be arranged.

Note: This is only training price. Court and rackets you need to arrange.

For other arrangements, please send us an enquiry mail