Frequently Asked Questions

As the time passed by more and more members contacted us and we found some of the questions keep repeating. We have collected some of the most common ones and made an attempt to answer them upfront. However, if you still have any question or need clarification, feel free to contacts us by phone, email, facebook, instagram, WhatsApp or in the training hall.

Membership, trainings and payments

That is the benefit of joining the club. You don’t need to worry about co-players, reserving courts, finding a free time and so on. Just pick the timings that suits you and come to the trainings. However, if you have friends then sure bring them along. More the merrier.

For payment, please refer to our membership page.

Regarding when to pay, please refer to Rules and duties of members

Unfortunately NO. Every training session is booked based on the people who have reserved for that day. You need to pick the day(s) in the week and then strive to come on those days. If you miss any of those days, it CANNOT be compensated by coming on other days.

 Let us try to answer using some different viewpoints considering that monthly  membership fee is based on number of days per week a member has selected to come.

  1. Consider those members who comes on every possible training in the week. They also have similar situations and sometimes they miss trainings as well. Where and how can they compensate their missing days?
  2. Consider that club had only has 1 training per week to offer, because that was all available to offer. How would it have worked in that case?

Yes. Let’s try to look from different perspective.

  1. Suppose that I have ordered a coffee or beer in a café bar. For some reason, I could not drink it and had to leave. Do you think I am obliged to make the payment or not? 
  2. Let’s consider health insurance membership. If I did not go to the doctor in a given month because of travel or I was just healthy, do you think I should not have paid health insurance for that month?

  3. I have booked a hotel for 7 days as tourist. I could not travel and did not notify the hotel. Do you think it is ok for Hotel if I do not pay for those days?

If you know your are not going to join, please notify the club 7 days before the 1st of the next month.