Badminton Zadar

Badminton Zadar aims to add badminton to the daily life of Zadar. It provides badminton coaching with the goal to bring Zadar on the Badminton radar of Croatia and beyond. Along with the dedication to one of the fastest racket sports, Badminton Zadar shares it passion for competition building with active groups of people with beginners, amateurs and future champions alike. Our coaching while being focussed on honing the badminton skills also goes beyond and aims to bring people together to play, compete, stay healthy, explore their boundaries and share smiles and laughter.

If you are one of them who wants to learn how to play Badminton, or would like to improve your game or just like to stay fit and active then simply Contact Us.

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Our Services

Badminton for adults

Learn the technique and tactics of badminton, raise your fitness and find out why this dynamic sport is so popular in the world. Contact us to add badminton to your life

Badminton for kids

Badminton is a great sport for children to prepare a young body for all areas of physical motor abilities.  Contact us for more details.

Individual training

Individual training is for those who have a dedicated goal in their mind. Goal can be specific skill, preparation for competition or even to lose weight.


Badminton is fast and energy packed explosive sport. It needs multiple physical attributes, tuned specially to its demands. We use the coaching methodology which blends the physical work capacity development model with badminton specific training to enable the player to achieve his or her optimal badminton specific sports performance. Physical work capacity model is used by many international athlete organizations, while badminton training is inspired by BWF training framework fused with inputs from top badminton players and coaches. Based on 4 core principles we strive to fine tune an athlete for its physical work capacity as well as badminton skills.

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Timings and prices

Badminton Zadar provides various options to engage our coaching services to allow you to pick the best options suitable for you. If you are an individual or group of people, if you already have a court or not, young, adolescent or adults, there is an option for everyone. Choose the group and timing that suits you best and let the fun begin by “Adding badminton to your life”

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