Why badminton?

Badminton is a sport that is enjoyed all around the world by millions of people of a wide range of ages. It is a sport that explores speed changes, reaction time demands, muscular strength and endurance challenges, and is heart- pumping fun. This Olympic Sport offers benefits to all who pick up a racket and a shuttle to try it on the court. Some of the potential benefits derived from playing the sport of badminton include the following:

  • Development of hand-eye coordination
  • Development of muscular strength and endurance
  • Development of cardiovascular fitness
  • Development of footwork
  • Development of sportsmanship behaviors
  • Development of a social network of friends
  • Development of a positive attitude for lifetime fitness through badminton.

Studies done in Denmark, shows that swinging a racket on a badminton court with friends and family can extend your life expectancy more than other sports and exercise typically associated with ‘getting fit’. In fact, smashing shuttlecocks even to the point of raising your heart rate a little, can add an average 6.2 years to your life.

Want to experience it and willing to try your coordination skills or cardio level, contact us for a suitable training session.