Support Us

To meet our Goals

  • To develop badminton as a professional sport in Zadar region and beyond.
  • To provide an opportunity for those kids who do not like contact sports or do not like team sports to engage in physical activities and stay healthy.
  • To create a culture and mindset where people think of badminton as a professional sport where players, kids, young and adults train to compete in local, regional and (inter) national tournaments.

And to overcome our challenges

  • Encourage and convince parents to enroll kids to learn, train and compete in badminton.
  • Change mindset of school teachers and engage with schools to build focus on badminton training to prepare them for annual school competitions.
  • Collaborate with authorities and institutions which can support in the development e.g. to provide sports hall to play badminton or provide support by financial or non-financial means.

These all become even more challenging at a place where sports culture is dominated with only couple of other sports namely football and basketball.

How can you help

We are positive that with commitment to our goals, persistence and dedication, we will overcome these challenges. But changing mindsets and developing a new culture takes time and we need to survive this phase till we reach the tipping point. Your support can help us to stay alive and motivate us to keep working towards our goals.

There are two ways to support us.


Individual or even organizations can contribute to our goals by means of donations. You can support us in different ways:

Check our donations page for further details


Organizations can sponsor our club to promote sports, health and active lifestyle. By supporting us, you would help us to build and sustain a culture of badminton in Zadar and beyond. Your support will not just help in regular operations running, but will also help to build trust and partnership among corporate, people and sports.

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