About BZ

Badminton Zadar aims to add badminton to the daily life of Zadar. It provides professional badminton coaching with the goal to bring Zadar on the Badminton radar of Croatia and beyond. Along with the dedication to one of the fastest racket sports, Badminton Zadar shares it passion for competition building with active groups of people with beginners, amateurs and future champions alike. Our coaching while being focussed on honing the badminton skills also goes beyond and aims to bring people together to play, compete, stay healthy, explore their boundaries and share smiles and laughter.

Everyone is different and have different goals and wishes. Some people like to be competitive and keep on pushing them to next level of sport and physical fitness, while others give more importance to having fun while playing. Badminton is the game for everyone; young or old, boys or girls, men or women, all enjoy it.  You may have target to loose your weight, keep yourself fit, want to try a different sport or already into badminton and would like to stretch your limits, you are welcome to join and begin your journey of excitement and fun with this amazing sport.

It does not matter what an individual’s goal is, if the person had fun while playing, could forget about the daily worries during the game and feel relaxed after the session, a big part of the target is achieved.

We provide training for adults, kids, teenagers, amateurs alike. We also organise local badminton events. We can arrange school, companies and organisation’s team events. For more details, please check our services page.

If you are one of those who wants to learn how to play Badminton or would like to improve your game or just like to stay fit and active then simply Contact Us. We look forward for you to join us and be a part of this exciting, dynamic and power packed sport.

About the trainer

Arundeep played badminton almost all his life. He played for his college in inter university competitions during his bachelors and also while he pursued his Master’s degree in Intelligent systems. As the “work-life” took over, game of badminton sadly took a backseat. It lasted for few years, till he came to work in Basel, Switzerland.

In Basel, the scene of Badminton came to life again as he found a group of enthusiastic people playing together. He joined their group and soon the casual but enthusiastic fridays changed into full strength badminton games. He helped to established it as a proper group called “Basel Badminton Buddies” commonly known as BBB.  BBB won many open tournaments organized around Basel. Apart from BBB, he also joined another local Badminton group and played in local tournaments around the area.

He actively played for SC Uni Basel club for the swiss interclub league matches, while training under ex Swiss national player, Rémy Matthey de l’Étang. He learned a lot while training and playing with other amazing players. However, one important lesson was that one must enjoy the game and be part of the team, the skills and competence follows automatically. He is a certificate holder

  • Science of training young athletes- Level 1 by University of Florida
  • Science of training young athletes- Level 2 by University of Florida
  • BWF Shuttle time teachers training by Badminton World Federation

One fine day while walking to his office, he decided to quit his work and start to explore other countries and cultures. After more than two years of traveling and visiting about 12 countries, he realized that he has been gripped by the city of Zadar. He decided to stay here and share his badminton experience with young, beginners and amateurs alike. That’s how Badminton Zadar was born.

He made many friends over the years while playing badminton. He likes to share his experience with others. It is not just about badminton, but also the sharing of personal experiences from different individuals that makes one’s life enriching. Hope to meet the sportsperson in you.