Rules and duties of members

Membership conditions:

  • Membership fee is monthly from 1st day of the month to last of the month and must be paid latest by 15th of the current month.
  • Members need to select the session days and timings for the week. If one cannot come on a given session in a week, it cannot be replaced by another “non-selected” session.
  • If someone for any reason can not continue with the trainings, then member must inform the club 7 days before the start of next month. Otherwise, it is assumed that person is still a member and is obligated to pay membership fee.
  • One must have rackets and shuttles for their play. Training shuttles and other training related material is arranged by the club.
  • Members must be careful and follow all security measures for themselves and other members.
  • All members must respect other members socially and professionally.
  • Members must respect the sports hall and facilities and ensure not to cause deliberate damage and help maintain and organize it.

Responsibilities of members:

  • to elect and to be elected to be the bodies of the Club
  • to be informed about the work of the Club and its bodies and about material-financial business
  • to actively participate in the accomplishment of the club’s goals and to contribute to its achievement activities
  • to abide by the provisions of this Statute and other general acts of the Club
  • to preserve and raise the reputation of the Club
  • to participate in sporting events, competitions and other activities in
    the organization of the Club
  • to advocate for the sports achievements, interests and reputation of the Club
  • to be personally sported and trained
  • to pay the membership fee
  • to handle tangible assets of the club carefully