Promoting badminton and sports with local collaboration

Every country, every state and every city have their preferences. I could not about food, dress codes, dances or anything else. Sports is no different and it is integral part of regional culture. It is clear with dominance of football/soccer in Europe, American football in ofcourse America, Ice hockey in Canada to Cricket in India. When one sports so dominant in country or city, people take other sports only as fun activities. In Zadar, where basketball dominates , followed by football, it is hard to convince anyone that badminton is the world’s most 2nd popular sports and it is a sport and not just a fun activity in the park.

We knew this when we started and it was a challenge for us. We are trying different ways to change that mindset. We are really happy when the people who trusted us in joining our club provides feedbacks like below.

” I never thought badminton would need that much effort” – says one member. “I thought it is just about taking racket and passing the shuttle, it really needs effort and time to learn the skills”, says another.

We are happy to see them playing, training and improving themselves. In the attempt to further promote badminton as sport, bring awareness and give value-add to our members, we engagement in partnership with Decathlon.

With this partnership, club members receive 10% discount on Decathlon brand products. To promote badminton, Decathlon and badminton zadar will collaborate together during locally organized sports events. It also provided Decathlon Zadar employees to come and try their hands on badminton during our sessions.

Many thanks to Decathlon Zadar for their support. We believe this partnership will be beneficial to Decathlon, our members and most importantly for badminton. We look forward to more partnerships to “Add badminton to life in Zadar.