Introductory training – Skola Smiljevac

We conducted our first introductory training for kids in Skola Smiljevac for the new season. There were more than 70 kids in the hall! This in itself was quite motivating. Due to space constraints and keeping safety in mind, we selected 24 kids to introduce some basic skills to kids. This included

  • Grips – Forehand and backhand
  • Lunge while balancing the shuttle
  • Backhand short service

Many thanks to Professor Darinka Kotlar to arrange this training. The other staff from school helped to manage kids and also with training. We closed the short training session with smiles and photos. Do watch the video to see kids in action.

Kids were very enthusiastic and it was unfortunate that we could not provide all of them a chance to try it out. May be next time…

Introductory training – Skola smiljevac – 29.09.2019