Collaborative training with Universal Sports School Tempo from Bihać, BiH

It is more than a year from Dino Zahirović; trainer from USS Tempo, Bihać, BiH; contacted us to organize a collaborative training. Due to limitations of court availability, passports and seasons, it could not happen. We are really happy that finally, we managed to bring kids from two cities together. The atmosphere was great and kids enjoyed the training.

We are positive to make return visit to Bihać, next year. This is also one step forward towards our goal to promote badminton and around Zadar. if a school from BiH can come to Zadar, then there is no reason why any school from Zadar county cannot collaborate. We always welcome any collaboration to promote and develop badminton.

Read more on official website of Sportski Centar Višnjik.

PS: Source of the header image is Sportski centar Višnjik.