Franka Antolić Secures 1st Position at Zagrebačka Badmintonska Liga

Franka Antolić, representing Badminton Zadar, has achieved a commendable feat by securing the top position at the Zagrebačka Badmintonska Liga. This accomplishment is a first for a player from Zadar in this competition.

On April 13th, 2024, the fourth leg of the Zagrebačka Badmintonska Liga took place at Velesajam Pavilion 25 in Zagreb. Badminton Zadar was represented by five players across different age categories, marking the club’s most significant participation to date. The event provided an opportunity for the players to experience the dynamics of a tournament setting and to support each other through the competition.

Among the participants, Franka Antolić, an 8th-grade student, showed notable improvement from her initial league matches in 2023. Her dedication to training and competing was evident as she faced and overcame challenges during her matches. A particularly close game saw her recover from a late deficit to secure a win with a score of 23-21. This victory was a turning point for Antolić, propelling her to the top of the standings and earning her the 1st position in the tournament.

The team’s spirit was evident as they rallied around Antolić, providing motivation throughout her matches. This collective support played a role in her success and also contributed to a sense of shared achievement among the team members.

Badminton Zadar takes immense pride in Antolić’s accomplishment and believes it will serve as a catalyst for her continued growth and excellence in the sport. The club is hopeful that this experience will inspire all its players to strive for their best in future competitions.

The next leg of the Zagrebačka liga is anticipated on May 12th, and we aim to participate with an even larger contingent of players.