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Learn the technique and tactics of badminton, raise your fitness and find out why this dynamic sport is so popular in the world. You can avail group or Individual trainings. Kids or adults, badminton is for everyone. Pick your target and contact us to add badminton to your life


We can help organize badminton tournaments for your school, organization or group of friends. We help in building schedule, type of tournament and manage the event during the whole period. Contact us for more details.

Stringing(Coming soon)

Once you know the game, you soon realize that strings of your racket add to the finesse, control and power in your shots. A good strung racket , as per your need can add that extra edge in your game.

Badminton for adults

It is never too late to learn or to improve. Beginners, amateurs, league players or recreational players who like to keep an active life, all are welcome to come together and enjoy this dynamic and powerful sports. Group training sessions help you to learn not only the skills and techniques for the game, but also provides physical training to strengthen the body to be able to meet high demands of the game. Groups help people to be part of team, measure against each other and build a healthy competition among themselves. Train to together to compete together in various tournaments across Croatia and outside.

Badminton for kids

Badminton is a great sport for children to prepare a young body for all areas of physical motor abilities. Kids get training for speed, flexibility, coordination, power and endurance that all make key components of the game as well as general fitness. Kids do not just learn the skills of Badminton, but they also learn the value and importance of sports, healthy lifestyle and social skills being a part of team games.

Individual trainings

Private individual training is for those who have a dedicated goal in their mind. The goal could be very specific improvement in the skills/ footwork or general improvement in the game. Goal can also be to achieve a different fitness goal e.g. weight loss or to improve flexibility.


Professional badminton stringing. Can be customised as per the requirements. We normally use the recommended stringing techniques provided by brand makers for rackets. You can bring your own strings or pick one from our list.

Organise competitions

Apart from individual physical fitness and sports development, we also organise badminton nights and events to bring together different people to come and participant in recreational competitive events or play-for-fun-evenings. Based on individual requirements, we can also align with schools and offices to create and organise team events.