Sharing and collaborations – 2018

You can have hard training and play good, better, the best. But all of that is just with you. A flower is not beautiful, till someone sees it. You need someone to notice the curves, beauty; sensuality of a woman or strength of a man. The same way badminton is way more fun when you can share your game, your moments with others. It gets even better, when you go beyond your team, your club and expand your horizon to invite and create experience with another country a different culture.

Badminton Zadar finds itself very lucky to have the opportunity to share its moments with others in its short journey so far. This season we made 2 collaborations; one with University of Zadar to involve as volunteer instructor for the badminton session for about 2 months; secondly the home terrain of Badminton Zadar in “Škola Stanovi” opened itself for exchange of badminton experience with 2 Japanese international exchange students and another badminton enthusiast from Germany who brings his racket on holidays!

Badminton games, sharing of ideas, cultures, observations and smiles and laughter. Big thanks to all those who made these sharing moments. We look forward to many more such experiences going forward. Few photos from those moments.