BZS-2019- Winter Edition-Zadar wins again

Badminton Zadar organized its 2nd tournament Badminton Za Sve- winter edition in Sportski Centar Višnjik, Hall 2 on 21.12.2019. 18 teams from Zadar Split and Bihać(BiH) particpated. We also had participants representing UK and Japan. About 70 matches were played on 4 courts that took about 6 hours to finish.

We used double elimination system for the main draw. This meant that there were twice as many matches in the elimination round than simple single elimination round. Despite few close matches, defending champions from 1st tournament once again won the tournament. There were new entrants for 2nd and 3rd place this time.

Gold (1st place)BK IaderŽeljko Radovčić i Vesna Pilipović
Silver (2nd place)BK IaderMarino Marčina i Vito Ivanišević
Bronze (3rd place)BK SplitDamir Pribačić i Mario Ćudina

Top 3 teams got medals as default. Thanks to our sponsors they also received prepaid cards from Decathlon and practical gifts from Yonex. Our another sponsor arranged for amazing lunch, which all participants enjoyed and ate it to their capacity.

We as usual asked for feedback and we know what improvements we would make next time. Main challenges still is to attract more players to come to Zadar and get a bigger hall with more courts. We hope to meet both next year. For now we close this year with a positive mood and wish everybody Merry Christmas and a very happy new year.

Please check out our facebook page for tournament photos.