Badminton Za Sve 2023 – Marks a Successful Beginning for Competitive Badminton in Zadar

On June 3rd, 2023, Badminton Za Sve recreational tournament was played in Sports centre Višnjik, Zadar. Organized by Badminton Zadar, this tournament marked the first step towards building competitive environment for the sport in Zadar. 110 matches were played by 40 players from 6 different clubs at 6 badminton courts!

The Badminton Za Sve tournament featured matches in all five disciplines: women’s singles (WS), men’s singles (MS), women’s doubles (WD), men’s doubles (MD), and mixed doubles (XD). MS, WD, MD and XD. MD and XD teams were splited in 2 groups based on level and quality of players. In Croatia 4 levels ( A,B,C,D) , are defined with D as the beginners to A as the advanced players. In Zadar, tournament was played at B and C level. In total tournament was played under 7 different categories.

Largest number of participants were from Badminton club Split with 15 players, closely followed by Badminton club Iader (10) and Badminton Zadar (9). Badminton Club Škrok Nerežišća joined with 3 players, while Badminton club Concordia (Zagreb) and Badminton Club Pišece (Slovenia) represented by 1 players each.

A thrilling competition unfolded throughout the day, resulting in an impressive medal tally. Badminton Club Split and Badminton Club Iader both secured 15 medals, sharing the top spot. However, in terms of gold medals, Badminton Club Iader claimed the lead with 6 gold medals, followed by Badminton Club Split with 3 gold medals and Badminton Zadar with 2 gold medals. All the winners and match details are available online on Tournament Software.

As a first attempt to bring competitive badminton in Zadar, we are quite satisfied with the response we received from the players . Considering that our tournament was scheduled at the end of the sports season when most people put their rackets down and are getting ready for swimming, tourists season and other leisurely activities. We are confident that next time for a similar tournament more players will joing as the word spreads out.

We would like to thank all the players who decided to respond to our invitation and travelled to Zadar for Badminton. BK Split did not just joined with maximum number players, but they were also very helpful in guiding us to better organize the event. We are sure that this collaboration will continue in supporting each other to promote and develop Badminton in Dalmatia.

While players make the tournament shine, but no event is possible without the organizing staff. As a club we are thankful to all our club members and even who are not members of our clubs for all their support. Their contribution, whether to set up the courts till midnight or baking sweets, cakes and making sandwitches or taking photos or simply attending as spectatorswere crucial in making the event a resounding success.

Finally, the club extended their sincere appreciation to their sponsors, Meridian Nova Energija d.o.o Zadar and Cafe Galerija Gina, Zadar, whose support made the tournament possible.

The success of the Badminton Za Sve recreational tournament has paved the way for even grander events in the future. Badminton enthusiasts in Zadar and beyond eagerly await the next chapter in the city’s badminton journey. Stay tuned for more updates on the flourishing badminton scene in Zadar.