Badminton Club Zadar Hosts Largest Youth Tournament to Date: Dalmatinska Liga 2.Kol

In a vibrant display of youthful athleticism and community spirit, the Badminton Club Zadar (BK Zadar) successfully hosted the “Dalmatinska Liga 2.Kol” tournament on June 8th, 2024, marking a significant milestone in the club’s history. This event, part of the regional Dalmatinska Liga, saw participation from three cities: Dubrovnik, Split and Zadar, with the tournament unfolding at the Sports Center Višnjik in Zadar.

The tournament was not only a competitive arena but also a celebration of the sport, as evidenced by the special artist corner where young participants added extra colors to BK Zadar’s mission to “Add Badminton to Your Life.” The provision of refreshments for the kids further highlighted the club’s commitment to creating a nurturing and supportive environment.

Young kids adding colors to badminton!!

A Record-Breaking Event

This year’s tournament was the largest organized by BK Zadar for children, featuring two indoor halls and eight badminton courts. The event commenced at 10:00 and concluded at 16:00, witnessing a total of 58 players across age categories U11, U13, U15, and U19. While U11 featured only singles matches, the other categories enjoyed both singles and doubles, showcasing a wide array of talent and sportsmanship.

Medal Tally and Highlights

BK Dubrovnik led the total medal count with 22, closely followed by BK Split with 20, and BK Iader securing third place with 13 medals. BK Split led however in number of Gold medals count with 10 gold medals followed by BK Dubrovnik with 7 gold medals.

Although in total number of medals BK Dubrovnik and BK Split are very close with 22 and 20 medals respectively, analyzing by age categories shows that BK Split led the U19 with 11 medals while BK Dubrovnik excelled in younger categories with U13 (10 medals) and U15 (9 medals) showing the strength of future generations of players to come.

BK Zadar’s Shining Stars

BK Zadar’s own contingent, though the smallest with six players, made a significant impact by securing five medals. Lea Šimurina’s triumph in the U11 category was a testament to her progress, overcoming a previous defeat ( in March 2024) to clinch her first gold in the Dalmatinska Liga. The participation of Iskra Bljaić and Mihaela Dokoza, who have been playing for just 2-3 months, exemplified the club’s encouraging atmosphere.

In the U19 Boys doubles, Jakov Bljaić and Dominik Stipetić earned a well-fought bronze medal. Franka Antolić’s third-place finish in the GS U19 and GD U19, alongside her partner Ana Varivoda from BK Split, was particularly noteworthy. Despite an emotional setback due to a scoring dispute, their resilience shone through as they secured the bronze medal.

Special Mentions:

The partnership of Franka Antolić and Ana Varivoda was a highlight, with Ana being only 12 years old competing in the U19 category alongside 15-year-old Franka. Their bronze medal win in the Girls Doubles U19 was a remarkable achievement, especially considering it was their first time playing together.

The progress of Lea Šimurina is particularly commendable, as she turned around a previous loss to win gold in the U11 category, signaling her growing skill and confidence.

Kids are ready to engage and support. All we need is to create an environment and allow them to explore their own boundaries and reach beyond


The “Dalmatinska Liga 2.Kol” was more than a tournament; it was a vibrant festival of badminton that brought together the community, nurtured young talent, and embodied the spirit of BK Zadar’s motto. As the club continues to foster the growth of badminton, we eagerly anticipate the future achievements of these young athletes. The success of this event has undoubtedly added a new chapter to the club’s legacy, one that will inspire many more to “add badminton to your life.”

Full score details are available online on tournamentsoftware.

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